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Thorens Upgrade Feet (new) for TD-160, 145, 165, 166MKII

Upgrade Parts and Mods~New! Thorens Upgrade Feet (new) for TD-160, 145, 165, 166MKII
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thorens turntable upgradeSet of four upgrade replacement feet for Thorens Turntables. For certain it fits TD-160, 145,  160 MKII , 166MKii, 165, and 146MKii. May fit others, but I only guarantee those listed here.   Vintage Thorens spent time researching both the correct size foot and the correct size screw, so you don't have to. These feet are high quality SBR rubber; you can feel the suppleness when you hold them. Each foot is reinforced with a metal washer to ensure a tight and enduring fit. Each screw is stainless steel and the serrated edge provides a tight "grab." They are sized properly so as not to "split" the wood holding the foot (which in turn reinforces the plinth) which would be baaad news.

See the photo above for the dramatic difference in size. (Thorens original on left.) The substantial size difference in feet adds to isolation of the turntable from unwanted vibrations. (And we personally think the table looks much cooler sitting higher!)


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