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For a limited time, order the Music Hall Cruise Control and get a FREE belt for your vintage Thorens! ($18 value!)

The music hall cruise control permits the electronic speed control of your Thorens turntable between 33.3 and 45 rpm at the simple touch of a button. Mechanical switching is no longer needed as the belt stays on 45rpm portion of the pulley.  The quartz-locked speed control provides unmatched speed stability to within ±0.0001% deviation.  The replay speed can be increased and decreased in twenty steps of 0.1 rpm. Note: Only for use on models with the 120v/60hz motor or Wallwart with 16V/mA50 input.  Not for use on TD-125 models or auto-shut off models like 145, 146, and 147.

  • nominal speeds 33 and 45 rpm
  • quartz oscillator speed stability 0.0001%
  • pitch control 20 step/0.1 rpm
  • turntable connection AC (3W power consumption max.)
  • 120V/AC (3W power consumption max.)
  • outboard power supply 16V/1.000mA AC

Please note that shipping time can sometimes take as long as 7-10 business days.

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Thorens Upgrade Parts and Mods~New! Bren1 Record Weight/Clamp
$85 Free Shipping
Out of Stock, Check Back Soon


See More Details for the Bren1 Record Weight/Clamp


Every turntable owner who has swapped cartridges knows the need for cartridge spacers/shims.  After searching for years in vain for affordable phono cartridge shims/spacers, I decided to have some made in my favorite design.  These precision-milled aluminum shims/spacers are non-magnetic to avoid interference with your cartridge.  They will never crack like cheap plastic shims. The open end design is a pleasure to use and can accommodate almost all headshell designs and cartridge screw sizes.

The kit includes five shims/spacers:
2 @ .076 inches
3 @ .038 inches  
Shims can be stacked in assorted patterns to create a multitude of heights to help you zero in your VTA adjustment. 

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