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The Analog Dept.

Visit The Analog Dept. for all things Thorens.

Vinyl Nirvana

Looking to buy a restored Thorens? Buy from the best.

Passini Article on Classic Thorens

A great primer…

Thorens History and Other Enthusiast Information

Great historical info…in German…use a translator app.

The Vinyl Engine’s Thorens Forum

If you have a Thorens turntable question, the answer is likely here.

Bren1 Record Clamp

Manufacturer of high quality aluminum record weights…and a great guy to boot. I use a Bren Clamp on most Thorens I sell.

George Merrill’s Analog Emporium

George’s website dedicated to Analog.

Audio Asylum

The archive in the Vinyl Asylum is a wonderful resource.


Their Turntable forum is informative.

Parts Express

Extensive parts and cleaning products for the do it yourselfer.


Visit Vinyl Nirvana for purchase of a restored Thorens turntable. Trade-ins welcome.




These pages are not affiliated in any way with the contemporary Thorens company nor any of its subsidiaries. This is a resource for refurbished parts for those who enjoy restoring vintage Thorens turntables. Thorens and all logos and names are all registered trademarks of Thorens. Our eBay store with more items!