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Why Buy from Vintage Thorens?

Most of the used parts you will find here at Vintage Thorens you can find one time or another on eBay. So why buy from us?

Vintage Thorens
  • Our used parts are selected for excellence of function and cosmetics.
  • Our used parts are thoroughly cleaned with appropriate cleansers bringing them to, in many cases, like new condition.
  • Our parts are carefully packaged and shipped; the part you purchase will arrive in the stated condition.
  • We are Thorens experts. If we promise a part will fit your unit, it will.
  • We offer phone help for difficult installations.
vs. eBay Sellers
  • eBay sellers hack apart tables for the quick sale.
  • eBay sellers rarely clean their used parts.
  • Some eBay sellers have no idea how to pack these delicate items properly.
  • Most eBay sellers are guessing as to which parts fit which models.
  • eBay sellers don’t offer phone help; once the sale is over, you are on your own.

The Vintage Thorens Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with a part you purchase from us, you may return it for a full refund minus return shipping. Please e-mail for a return authorization number.

About Us

Vintage Thorens is not associated in any way with the modern Thorens company. The parts sold here are not manufactured nor are they guaranteed in any way by the modern Thorens company. The site is strictly for vintage Thorens enthusiasts looking to restore their turntable or upgrade it.

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These pages are not affiliated in any way with the contemporary Thorens company nor any of its subsidiaries. This is a resource for refurbished parts for those who enjoy restoring vintage Thorens turntables. Thorens and all logos and names are all registered trademarks of Thorens. Our eBay store with more items!